The magic and science of how writing creates a new reality

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Writing is the closest thing I’ve found to casting magic.

Having read a short pamplet about unlocking the magic of writing, I followed the instructions, to the letter. I sat down with a small notebook, and noted down my desires. I wrote:

“I will live in a white house beside the sea.”

A decade later, the dream is a reality. We live in a house ten minutes walk from the beach. It’s cream rather than white. We can see the sea and the lighthouse from the window.

I’m lucky that my legend — my dream — is to be a…

The power of embracing your contradictions

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“I hate it when people edit themselves,” my writer friend Assumpta Nalubowa said recently. She continued:

“I wish we were free… I wish we could all just breathe. I dream of a world in which we’ve all simultaneously blossomed into everything we are meant to be.”

I’m with Assumpta here. I wish we were all free to be ourselves. I wish we could quit faking it.

A confession: I edit myself all the time. I’ve spent a lot of my life feeling like a fake.

I’m searching for my authentic self — and I’m on the road to find it.

One fake play can make you more real


He warned it might not work

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TRIGGER WARNING — This article contains descriptions of suicidal thoughts. Please proceed with care.

“Do you ever think about taking your own life?” the doctor asked.

I squirmed in the padded seat. I was 16 years old. I refused to look at him. I’d known him for as long as I could remember. He wasn’t just my doctor, but a family friend.

I nodded. Yes, I thought about killing myself.

“How would you do it?” he asked.

I knew the answer instantly.

It felt like an intrusive question. But he was my doctor and this was a confidential space. It…

Find your happy spot and never stop growing

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I’ve been writing professionally for well over a decade, so I was surprised recently when I saw myself referred to as a “beginning writer” in another article. It stung my ego!

I contacted the article writer to let her know my writing background and asked her to update the article. She refused and told me that a beginner is how she sees me, and I shouldn’t be worried about it because there’s no shame in being a beginner or an amateur.

It felt like gaslighting, someone telling me to redefine my reality. But as I thought about it, I realized…

Twin hearts become as flame

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Burned and
I come to you
My life in flame

I see healing in your eyes
I expect water
But you burn
Just as bright as me

It doesn’t make sense

You were meant to fix me
And you said no

You told me
I have crossed a Rubicon and
I am
Beyond repair

You offer no cool balm
You throw fuel to the flames
You give life as
Pure oxygen

As I burn at your touch
You show
What it means
To live in the dust
The scolding ashes
Beneath your feet
To feel relentless
As the sun…

Whatever our differences, we both have our heads in the stars

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There are some stories that can never be told, because to tell them would shake the ground on which your life is built.

Some people might call this a foundation of lies. I call it a well-crafted story. Life is stories, and you get to choose how to tell yours, and who to tell it to. Our souls are our stories too, that’s what the religious texts tell us. I’m telling this one because I hope it might help somebody, someday, to know no matter how bleak things are, they can always turn around. There’s a brighter future in front…

I found my soul’s mirror and I’m loving it

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I find a booth table tucked away in an upstairs corner of McDonald's.

I toss down my plastic tray which carries my tissue-wrapped veggie burger and cardboard-sleeved fries. I take a sip of my chocolate milkshake. I make myself comfortable, removing my jacket. Then I open my book: Meister Eckhart, from Whom God Hid Nothing.


Or maybe an underground bunker in New Zealand

Photo by Marcin Ciszewski on Unsplash. This is the biggest and greatest yacht picture I could source for free. I can’t yet afford a bigger one, but I will be able to soon.

Jeff Bezos can go to hell with his stupid $131 billion. That’s chump change. I’ve got a bulletproof plan to make $1 trillion over the next decade. I’m planning to retire when I’m 35.

I asked Joe Rogan if I could share my plan on his podcast. He wouldn’t have me. He didn’t even reply to my email! He’s jealous. He used to be such a good guy!

I’m sharing my plan here instead.

I’m happy to share this plan in public is because I know no one else has the gumption to follow through.

You need a superior mindset…

End the hustle and flow into your angel nature

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Maudie had a filthy, rich laugh. She found humor in everything.

I loved spending time with Maudie. The world felt so light in her presence. She helped me find my angel nature — she gave me a lightness of being and the wings to fly.

It’s like that old-timer G. K. Chesterton said:

“Angels can fly because they can take themselves lightly.”

Then, one day, my friendship with Maudie broke. I’ve hardly spoken to her since.

Live like nature — flowing without force

I met Maudie when we were kids at the most vibrant church in our town. …

David Majister

8x top writer. Story chaser, meaning maker. Sold cleverness and bought bewilderment.

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